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I hear it all the time. Hockey fans do not their team to acquire Eric Lindros because he's a 'headcase' and 'whiner'. He is? It's about time for these myths to be squashed.

What about when he refused to play for Quebec, you ask? Well that was then, he was eighteen. He is now 30. It's not fair to judge him on what he did then.


Some Restrictions May Apply

Being September, it is very unusual to see this many un-signed big name players. How many of them will start the season un-signed? That remains to be seen. The Hockey Zone will explore the possibilities of these Resticted Free Agents holding out into the season or having their rights traded to another team.


The Time is Now

David Aebischer has spent the past three seasons with the Colorado Avalanche learning from a goaltending legend. Now he faces the challenge of replacing that legend, as surefire Hall of Fame goalie Patrick Roy, announced his retirement this past June.

"I'm just going to have to be myself," Aebischer said. "I can't compare myself to Patrick. I'm just going to play my game, give all I have and see at the end of the day what I accomplished." Aebischer, was Colorado's seventh choice in the 1997 draft. He has gone 32-25-3 with six shutouts and a 2.18 goals-against average in 69 NHL games.


Young Guns

Last year the Florida Panthers accumulated only 70 points, ahead of only Columbus, Pittsburgh and Carolina. Good thing the future looks much more promising than the present. The Panthers have possibly the best young nucleus in the league. They could be cup contenders in years to come.

The main reason lies between the pipes. Roberto Luongo is their goaltender of the future. Classic butterfly goalie, Luongo is as big as Lalime, and moves like a Richter in the crease. He is very confident, and strives in clutch situations. He could be the league's top goalie in a few years.


Best and Worst

The Hockey Zone went through all NHL players to decide who was the best and worst, most overrated and underrated, in various categories.


3 Million Dollar Poti?

On August 12th, Tom Poti was awarded a two year contract worth $5.9 million by an arbitrator. Poti will make $2.8 million next season, and $3.1 million the following. I have heard mixed reactions to these terms, and that brings along the question, is Tom Poti a $3 million dollar player?

There is no question, the answer is yes.

Poti and his 48 points ranked 7th among all defenseman last season. His precise passing and skating skills are often overlooked by hockey fans. What fans around the league tend to focus on is his exaggerated defensive mistakes and soft defensive play.


New Look Star's Blueline

When Derian Hatcher, former captain of the Dallas Stars, signed with the Detroit Red Wings, it naturally left gaping hole on their blueline, but the Stars made some significant moves to soften the blow of the loss of their captain.

Some people question the moves Dallas has made this off-season, but I am one who admires them. Without hurting their blueline too much, they have made it easier to survive in the long-run, when this current collective bargaining agreement expires and the league faces a possible salary cap.